Presbyterian Church, Greenwood, MS.


Learn the history of some of our places of worship.

Historic Downtown Greenwood, MS.

Historic Downtown

Step back in time, and look around Historic Downtown.

C & G Depot, circa 1954, Greenwood, MS.


Planes, trains, and buses. How Greenwood stayed connected.

Malmaison, Home of Chief Greenwood Leflore, Greenwood, MS.


Malmaison, home of the great Indian chief, Greenwood Leflore.

Yazoo River bridge, circa 1895, Greenwood, MS

Yazoo River

The "Mighty Yazoo," its bridges, barges, and boats.

Kings Daughter's Hospital, Greenwood, MS


See how healthcare has evolved, from its earliest days.

Hotel Irving, Greenwood, MS.


Go back in time and spend the night in one of Greenwood's "air conditioned" rooms.

Grand Boulevard, Greenwood, MS.


See some of our finest homes, including early pictures of the famous Grand Boulevard.

Courthouse and monument, Greenwood, MS.


Learn about the city government, courthouse, fire stations, cemetary, monuments, and more.

Elk's Home, Greenwood, MS.


Dance at the Elk's, take a dip in the public pool, or maybe catch a movie at the Leflore Theatre.

Graded School, Greenwood, MS.


School is back in session. See the history of our public schools.

Fountain's Big Busy Store, Greenwood, MS.


Business was big. If you don't believe me, just go visit Fountain's Big Busy Store.

KeeslerBridge, 1932 Flood, Greenwood, MS.


Volatile weather history, from great floods to tornadoes.

The Bank of Greenwood, Greenwood, MS.


Banking history, from the beginnings, through the Great Depression.

R.A. Vinton Lumber Company, Greenwood, MS.


Reminisce of a bygone era with these old advertisements.

About Me

Why I love Greenwood History

My name is Donny Whitehead, a life long resident of Greenwood. My great passion in life is preserving the history of Greenwood. I want to make sure future residents have a place where they can learn about Greenwood and it's history. After all, THIS is OUR history.

Did You Know?

Interesting facts about Greenwood you might not know

  • North Greenwood was once it's own town, before becoming part of Greenwood.
  • Greenwood was once rocked by a scandalous murder. Dean-Kennedy Murder Trial
  • Little Richard sang a song titled "Greenwood, Mississippi".
  • Jerry Lee Lewis once played a show here in Greenwood.
  • Helen Keller spoke in Greenwood, March 29,1916, on happiness.
  • Academy Award winning actor Morgan Freeman graduated from high school in Greenwood in 1955.
  • January 19-February 7, 1924, wood blocks were removed from Main Street, between Market and Washington streets, and on Howard Street, and paved with the bricks you now see.