Located at Alabama and Mississippi Streets you will find a new Drive In Refreshment Service Station, something that has been long needed in Greenwood, and will be known as the Idle Hour Sandwich Inn.

Here you can drive up and be served in your car from the new building that has just been completed for that purpose, a building that is really very artistic in design and adds beauty to the location.

“We will serve the best drinks and all kind of sandwiches, specializing in barbecued meats, pork, beef and chicken. My reason for building this modern structure is that I know that the people of Greenwood will welcome it, as there is no place like it in Greenwood and few, if any in the state. Greenwood people want the best and that just what I intend to give them”, said Mr. Crawley. At this point, the writer of this story was presented with one of his choice barbecued beef sandwiches and feels safe in saying that he has never had any better. You don’t have to take our word for it, however, but just drive out there and try one for yourself. After so doing, we are sure that you will agree with us.

“We are also in a position to sell our barbecue meat by the pound, and this will be news to the housewife, for she can now serve hot meat on the table this summer without spending the afternoon and evening in her kitchen, and I am sure that if they try us they will be sure to return for more”, continued Mr. Crawley.

Mr. Crawley is well known throughout the city and credit should be given him for this new undertaking. In the heat of the day or the cool of the evening, drive out and give them a call. They will be glad to greet you and give you the very best of service. They have a full line of ice-cold drinks on hand all the time.

From The Greenwood daily Commonwealth, April 18, 1927


Folbe’s Tavern, on Mississippi and Alabama, is now open for business under the direction of Mr. And Mrs. H. Folbe, formerly of The Little Club.

The building, recently “Dewey’s Place”, has been reconditioned and redecorated throughout, presenting a most attractive setting in orange and green. The tavern consists of space for three pullman tables with benches, one larger table, and there are two private booths.

From The Greenwood Commonwealth, March 30, 1937

Serios, Greenwood, MS.

Serios, Greenwood, MS.

Salvo Opens Sandwich Shop

Salvo Serio, manager, announces the opening of a Sandwich Shop at the location formerly known as Folbe’s Tavern.

The new firm will open for business Monday afternoon at 4 P.M., and the general public is invited to inspect the establishment. All kinds of foods will be featured with specialties to be announced from time to time. The place has been thoroughly renovated and adds to Greenwood’s good eating places.

From The Greenwood Commonwealth, November 6, 1943

Serios, Greenwood, MS.

Serios, Greenwood, MS.

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